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Losing Our Legends

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Celebrities are called stars for a reason. Their work gives our lives meaning. Books open

minds, films spark creativity, music feeds our souls. They remind us that greatness is

possible. We idolize them and hold them above everyday people. Our attention gives

them their shine. If we’re lucky, sometimes they shine back at us. We pin our dreams and

imaginings upon them. In return, they inspire us to be better everyday people.

Many of us can pinpoint a time when our lives were changed forever by a film or a band.

Fandom is in our lifeblood. It is part of who we are. Our stars are our heroes. Their

works, and sometimes they themselves, become imprinted upon our hearts and become

part of our very collective being. Their stories become our stories. What we share is

bigger than any one of us. What we share is us.

When we lose part of that collective it is felt by every single one of us. We all the cry the

same no matter who we are. Our grief is real because the connection is real. Maybe not to the celebrity directly, but to what they represent. Their presence in our lives, however

distant or small, is felt by us in a very significant way. They are a part of us, because they

are us. And when a loss hits us, all of our hearts break.

People who love horror love it with all the passion in their hearts. Today, our hearts are

hurting. Today, what we share is grief. We will all find our own ways to mourn and heal.

Please take comfort in knowing you are not alone. I know I do.

In loving memory of George A. Romero

Godfather of horror, visionary icon, and hero.

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