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Notes on Packaging

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

I have been selling and buying online for almost twenty years. The attention, or lack thereof, that people pay to their packaging has always fascinated me. I have gotten beautifully wrapped items complete with thank you notes and free gifts. Sometimes I receive boxes wrapped in layers of packing tape that are next to impossible to open. Some boxes have an endless supply of packing peanuts or an entire newspaper for protection. I have gotten things in empty food boxes. I have gotten fragile things with no protection at all. Today I got a large stuffed animal shoved in a cardboard envelope. Just because it isn't breakable doesn't mean it isn't damageable.

The care you put into your packaging shows your customers how much you care about them. Your packaging says you care about your customer and want them to enjoy their purchase. It also says that you care about their business and you want them to come back. Encouraging repeat business includes sending your items in presentable packaging that protects the purchase.  If you throw something in an envelope and it deserves to be sent in a box, your customers are going to notice. Even if the item arrives safely, the lack of effort is still apparent.

I am a professional online seller and use multiple platforms. I ship worldwide. I pack my items with the care I would expect from anyone I buy from. I pay attention to detail and make an effort  to keep waste at a minimum. I keep costs and waste down by not including an invoice,  thank you notes or any other extraneous paper materials. I will always send my jewelry in a small, reusable cardboard box inside a bubble mailer. This ensures a nice presentation as well as protection of the items. When you make a purchase from me rest assured that I have done my best to ensure that it arrives safely.

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